25 AMAZING Free SEO Tools

Most SEO tools get their records from the same place: The Google Keyword Planner.

Answer the Public is different Online SEO Tools

This exquisite device reveals questions that humans ask on forums, blogs and on social media.

And it turns the ones questions into outstanding keywords:

Answer The Public – "keto diet"

Best Feature: “Vs. Keywords”

You’d be surprised how many humans look for “X vs. Y” key phrases in Google.

(For example: “iPhone vs. Android” or “SEMRush vs. Ahrefs”)

And Answer the Public has a phase of the effects committed to “Vs. Keywords”.

Answer The Public – "keto diet" – Versus phase

Which brings us to the 2nd device on our listing…

2. Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Get a listing of SEO improvements in seconds.

This is a very available Chrome extension.

First, you get an average SEO score.

Then, the device suggests you EXACTLY the way to enhance your web page’s on-web page and off-web page search engine marketing.

WooRank – Chrome extension

Best Feature: “Marketing Checklist”

Most search engine marketing tools simplest inform you approximately troubles… no longer solutions.

But with Woorank you get a detailed SEO tick list that you can use to restore any troubles which you run into.

WooRank – Marketing tick list

And now it’s time for our next free search engine optimization tool…

3. Animalz Revive

Improve and replace antique content.

Animalz Revive helps you locate older content in your website that needs an replace, an upgrade… or both.

Before this tool, you had to manually comb thru your Google Analytics account to locate those pages.Which changed into a large pain.

Fortunately, this device tells you precisely which articles for your web page want the maximum attention.

Animalz Revive Advice

Best Feature: “Traffic Loss Since Peak (Views)”

This characteristic helps you to recognize precisely how many site visitors that a chunk of outdated content is costing you.

Animalz Revive

4. CanIRank

Quickly answer the question: “Can I rank for this keyword?”.

CanIRank is a terrific-detailed key-word difficulty device.

And in contrast to maximum unfastened search engine optimization tools, CanIRank doesn’t give you commonplace recommendation like:

“This keyword is sincerely aggressive”


“This key-word has low competition”

Instead, it tells you whether or no longer YOU can rank for that key-word.


Very cool.

Best Feature: “How can you better goal this keyword?”

CanIRank isn’t just for sizing up the first web page competition.

It also offers you tips that assist you to rank for a specific term.

CanIRank – Keyword probability

5. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Get your web page geared up for Google’s Mobile-first Indexing.

You might have heard that Google currently made a large trade to their algorithm.

(This trade is formally called “Mobile-First Indexing”).

The backside line is this:

If your website online isn’t optimized for cellular devices, you’re in big trouble.

Fortunately, you don’t want a complete-time developer to make your site cell-friendly. All you need to do is administered your website online thru the Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

And it tells you whether or not or no longer Google considers your site mobile-friendly.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Best Feature: “Page loading problems”

This function indicates you how you can improve your web site’s code. That manner, Google’s cell crawler can find and index all the sources for your site.

Mobile-Friendly Test – Issues

6. Seed Keywords

Find completely fresh keyword ideas.

Most keyword research equipment work the precise same way:

Enter a seed key-word into the device.

Get a list of closely-associated phrases.

The hassle with this technique is this:

Everyone sorts the same seed keywords into those gear.

Well, Seed Keywords takes a completely exclusive method.

Instead of pulling seed key phrases out of thin air, you ask your clients how they’d look for you online.

SeedKeywords – Scenario

Then, kind those seed key phrases into your favourite keyword research device.

Best Feature: “Submit Query”

Once the consequences come in, you can use SeedKeywords to do a Google look for the key phrases that human beings gave you.

That manner you may fast test the seek results… and notice how competitive that keywords is.

SeedKeywords – Results

7. SEMRush

Copy your competitor’s quality keywords.

SEMRush might be my all-time favorite search engine marketing device.

Yup, it’s got a paid plan with plenty of fantastic functions.

But the unfastened version is pretty cool too.

Whether you go with loose or paid, SEMRush works the equal way:

It unearths the precise key phrases that your competitor’s rank for.

SEMrush – Organic search positions

Best Feature: Keyword Magic

Enter a keyword…and get a listing of 78,350 keywords!

SEMrush – Keyword Magic "content advertising and marketing"


8. Seobility

Get a deep-dive SEO website online evaluation.

SEObility crawls your entire site and lets you recognize about seek engine optimization troubles like:

Slow loading pages

Blocked pages

Sitemap issues

Technical SEO problems

Lots extra


You usually simplest get this kind of stuff from paid search engine marketing tools. So it’s actually quality that Seobility gives you this facts for free.

Best Feature: Content Report

This file palms you a listing of pages that have content-associated search engine optimization problems.

(Things like: thin content, lacking meta titles, key-word stuffing, and replica content)

SEOBility - Content report

9. Ubersuggest

Get keyword guidelines and competition facts.

Ubersuggest has lots of functions which are usually best determined in top rate search engine optimization tools.

But it’s 100% loose.

To use it, kind in a keyword which you need to rank for (or a competing internet site which you need to rank above).

Ubersuggest – Search

And Ubersuggest will provide you with detailed facts on keyword difficulty, month-to-month seek extent, and greater.

Ubersuggest – Results

Plus, you get a list of suggested key phrases that are primarily based on the keyword you typed in.

Ubersuggest – Keyword recommendations

Best Feature: "Comparisons"

This characteristic suggests you “X vs. Y” key phrases.

Ubersuggest – Keyword comparisons

In my experience, X vs. Y keywords are great untapped.

Sure, they will no longer get as many searches as conventional key phrases. But they’re SUPER focused and high-converting.

And to my understanding Ubersuggest is the simplest device that especially bubbles up X vs. Y key phrases.


See your website thru the eyes of a seek engine.

As it turns out, serps see your website VERY otherwise than you do.

And BROWSEO gives you the type of x-ray vision that search engines like google and yahoo have.


Best Feature: SERP Preview

Get a sweet preview of the way your web page appears inside the search outcomes:

BROWSEO – SERP preview

This is useful for figuring out if your title and description tag are SEO-friendly (or too long). And optimizing your title and description also can help you get greater organic clicks.

11. Detailed.Com

Get intel for your competition.

Detailed offers you a curated list of the maximum popular sites on your industry.

That manner, you can length up your biggest competition.

(And copy what they’re doing)


Best Feature: “Mentions”

This capabilities shows you who lately related to (and tweeted approximately) your competition.

Detailed – Backlinko

12. Google Search Console

Get SEO assist straight from Google.

No listing of unfastened SEO gear would be complete with out the Google Search Console.


The GSC is a VERY characteristic-wealthy piece of SEO software. And unlike quite tons each other device at the market, you realize the records is legit.

(After all, it comes from Google)

For example, you could use the Google Search Console as a rank tracker to test your website online’s ratings inside the SERPs.

Using Google Search Console as a rank checker

Best Feature: Index Coverage Report

The Index Coverage Report offers you a listing of pages for your website that aren’t getting indexed.

You also can see how you can get matters lower back on track.

Google Search Console – Index coverage report

13. SERPerator

This incredible device helps you to take a look at the SERPs across exclusive places and devices.

As you in all likelihood recognise, the search effects exchange dramatically relying on where you are and what tool you’re the use of.

(Especially for neighborhood searches, like: “pizza shop” or “landscaper”).

And this tool lets you see exactly how the outcomes will look for a person looking on a particular cellphone from quite lots any predominant city in the world.

SERPerator – iPhone outcomes

Best Feature: Compare Devices

See how the consequences look on two extraordinary cellular devices… side-by-side.

SERPerator – iPhone, compare devices

14. Screaming Frog

Find and attach technical search engine optimization issues in seconds.

Let’s face it:

Finding technical SEO troubles for your site can be a HUGE pain.

Enter: Screaming Frog.

This nifty tool crawls your web page the use of a Google-like crawler. And it generates a file of potential issues (like HTTP header errors, javascript rendering troubles, bloated HTML, and crawl errors).

Screaming Frog

Best Feature: Discover Duplicate Content

As you would possibly have heard, Google HATES reproduction content material.

Fortunately, you can use Screaming Frog to speedy ID pages with duplicate content.

Screaming Frog – Duplicate content

15. Google Analytics

See how people find and engage together with your website online.

OK, OK. Google Analytics isn’t simply an SEO device.

But it’s almost not possible to run an search engine optimization marketing campaign with out it.


The data in Google Analytics tells you whether or not or not your SEO efforts are paying off.

I’m speaking approximately information like:

Organic site visitors

Bounce rate

Traffic sources

Time on website online

Page speed

Google Analytics

Best Feature: Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration

Google Analytics is super effective on its own.

But whilst you combine it with the Google Search Console?

It’s even MORE effective.

Linking your GSC account with GA hooks you up with useful info, like the key phrases human beings use to locate your web page, your natural CTR, and extra cool stuff.

Google Analytics – Google Search Console

16. Keys4Up

Generate a list of untapped keyword ideas.

Keys4Up uses a proprietary algorithm to generate “lateral” key-word ideas

For example, when you type “Content Marketing” into the device, you DON’T get a listing of versions of that term.

(Like: “Content advertising and marketing strategies”).

Instead, you get key phrases that people might associate with that term:


Best Feature: Keyword Export

The one disadvantage of Keys4Up is that you may’t see what number of people look for the key phrases that it gives you.

Fortunately, you can export your keywords to a CSV… and add that CSV to another SEO device that does offer monthly seek volume.

Keys4Up – Export

17. Yoast WordPress Plugin

The quality search engine marketing plugin for WordPress.

If your website online runs on WordPress, you want to install Yoast ASAP.

It’s by far the maximum strong search engine optimization plugin at the market.

The excellent part? It’s 100% unfastened.

Yoast search engine optimization WordPress plugin

Best Feature: XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps assist Google and other search engines discover, crawl and index all of the pages to your website online.

And with the Yoast plugin, you don’t should tinker together with your sitemap whenever you add a new web page on your web page.

That’s due to the fact Yoast updates your sitemap automatically. Cool.

Yoast – Sitemap

18. Panguin Tool

Get to the bottom of a ratings drop.

This tool correlates your seek site visitors with regarded Google updates.

Why is this helpful?

Well, in case you notice that your ratings dropped around the time of a huge Google update, you may parent out what went wrong… and connect it.


Best Feature: Switch Updates On/Off

Panguin makes it clean to zero-in on a selected update.

For example, if you’re a nearby business that focuses on nearby search engine marketing, you can handiest have Panguin ONLY display you Google updates that impacted local outcomes.

Panguin – On/Off

19. Wordtracker Scout

Steal your competitor’s keywords.

Wordtracker scout takes a unique method to key-word studies…

Instead of entering keywords into a tool, Wordtracker shows you the most commonplace phrases on a page.

That way, you could go over to one in every of your competitor’s pages… and snatch the keywords they’re the usage of in their content material.

WordTracker Scout

(Note: This is handiest to be had as Chrome extension and isn’t supported for Firefox)

Best Feature: Opportunity

Shows you which keywords for your listing has the satisfactory ratio of search extent and competition.

WordTracker Scout – Opportunity

20. Lipperhey

Powerful website analyzer.

Lipperhey is a full-featured search engine optimization analyzer that doesn’t price a penny.


Best Feature: Keyword Suggestions

Get a list of key phrases to feature to particular pages to your web site.

(Which permit you to get extra organic visitors from long tail keywords).

LipperHey – Keyword suggestions

21. Bing Webmaster Tools

Optimize your web site for Bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools is basically the Google Search Console… however for Bing.

So in case you need to get your web site indexed (and ranked) in Bing, Bing Webmaster Tools is a must-have.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Best Feature: Keyword Research Tool

Get keyword ideas (and facts) directly from Bing.

And in contrast to the Google Keyword Planner, the records from Bing is exactly for organic seek (not Bing PPC or Adwords).

Bing Webmaster Tools – Keyword Research tool

22. Dareboost

Analyze your website for velocity, search engine marketing, security and more.

Dareboost isn’t strictly an SEO tool.

But it does analyze your web site for things that indirectly impact search engine marketing, like your web page’s loading pace and protection.


Best Feature: Priorities

Let’s wherein to start first. Helpful in case you’re strapped for time.

Dareboost – Priorities

23. Siteliner

Get a full SEO record for loose.

Siteliner scans your web page for SEO troubles (like blocked pages, messed up redirects and broken hyperlinks).


Best Feature: Comparison with Other Sites

This helps you to examine your web page’s loading pace and page length to other web site’s in Siteliner’s database. Helpful for benchmarking.

Siteliner – Comparison with other websites

24. KWFinder

No-nonsense keyword studies tool.

The great a part of KWFinder is how darn clean it is to use.

But don’t permit this idiot you into questioning KWFinder isn’t effective. It’s a legit keyword device that masses of pros use.


Best Feature: LPS

LPS=Link Profile Strength.

This characteristic basically tells you what number of hyperlinks you’ll need to rank for that key-word.

So if you find a keyword that has a LPS of 50+, you understand that you’ll need to perform a little severe link constructing to rank for that term.

KWFinder – LPS

25. Varvy SEO Tool

Get a unfastened SEO web page checkup.

Varvy is a really cool search engine marketing audit device.

Most search engine marketing analysis equipment best provide you with surface stage info.

But with Varvy, you get get right of entry to to facts that most other loose equipment don’t display you… including mobile-friendliness, missing alt text, HTTPS setup, robots.Txt evaluation and extra.


Best Feature: Google Guidelines

Varvy doesn’t simply hand you a listing of SEO problems.

It also gives you unique guidelines that you could put into effect to restore them… directly from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Varvy – Google guidelines

Bonus #1. Bulk Google Rank Checker

Simple and accurate rank checker device.

If you want to see where you rank for a particular key-word in Google, you definitely want to apply a rank tracking device.

This unfastened tool makes the procedure a cinch (and you could test as much as 10 keywords for unfastened).

Bulk Google Rank Checker

Best Feature: Search Engine Rankings

See where you rank within the SERPs… and wherein your competitors rank.

Bulk Google Rank Checker – SERPs

Bonus #2. LSI Graph

Advanced content optimization.

LSI key phrases can assist take your on-web page SEO to the subsequent stage.

And that’s exactly what LSIGraph is designed to do: it creates a list of LSI key phrases that you may sprinkle into your content.

LSI Graph

Best Feature: Analysis

Analysis lets you dig deep on an LSI keyword from your list. That manner, you could discover even MORE top notch LSI key phrases to use.

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